Saturday, January 29, 2011

Interlocked (A Game Concept)

(Originally posted on Facebook 1/15/11)

I think I have the general concept for this game. This is a two player strategy game consisting of 81 unique shapes that are designed to be interlocking. The game starts by picking a seed shape placed on the game board. Each player then picks 40 shapes each from the pile. Selection may be done via alternating selection of 2 each until all 80 shapes are distributed equally. Each shape placed on the game board earns points by counting the number of edges and corners that is shared with the played shapes. A play of a multi-corner and multi-edge shape placed inside surrounding shapes can get the most points, as well as a bonus. The least amount of points is 1, where a shape played shares a single side with the already played shapes. Of course, I just blogged a while back that an elegant concept is really not sufficient. I need to find a way to manufacture the prototype, get my copyright and find a market. (Ok, I'll settle for someone willing to play a couple rounds just to see how the rules may be improved.)

Above: Two possible outcomes when all 81 game pieces have been played.

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