Monday, January 31, 2011

Through The Discard Piles

I always look forward to the first Sunday of each month where I spend a couple hours scouring the vendor booths at the Pasadena City College Flea Market. For a collector of "found" photographs, spotting a single image that speaks to me out of literally thousands of items that I flip through is what makes the effort pay off. Paying only $20 for an original vintage print is even more satisfying as with this photo that I found yesterday. On this particular day, the young couple walking in tandem is a metaphor for the kites flying in close proximity to each other. The landscape is empty except for a few cars parked in a field and structure in the distant background. Could easily be late 70s judging from the style of cars. As I look through this, I find that this particular image seems to tell me all that on this particular day, just this day, maybe, everyone's worries will be forgotten even for a just a brief period of time. Funny thing though is that I feel exactly the same way every first Sunday of the month as I look for treasures in the discard piles of life.

(Originally posted on Multiply 4/7/07)

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