Monday, January 31, 2011

Miles And The Art Of Creating Art

I once read that Jackson Pollock listened to Miles Davis endlessly during the creation of his paintings.  You don't need to look hard to see the parallel in the structures of Miles' groove and Jackson' drip layers -- omnidirectional, chaotic and yet has a sense of completeness and purpose.  Why does the process of visual creation require some kind of aural companion?  If it applies to abstract expressionism (and with obviously great results as in Pollock's work), it surely must apply to other forms of art.  We almost will never know for sure what music inspired certain artists but I can almost imagine Basquiat with a Miles Davis Bitches Brew cassette in his walkman while trying to figure out what text to add to his Mona Lisa painting.  I've personally exprerienced some creative block in previous artworks so I put on Spanish Key (from Miles' Bitches Brew CD) and voila! -- instant gratification. For some reason, listening to his grooves unblocked whatever was keeping my creative juices contained.  I've read Don Campbell's book "The Mozart Effect" several years back but given what I just said,  I think it's time someone write a dissertation on "The Miles Davis Effect".

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