Saturday, January 29, 2011

Overheard at the Staples Center, Clippers vs Warriors (1/9/11, 1230pm)

(Originally posted on Facebook 1/9/11)

Woman: "You know I have this secret power?"
Man: "Yeah, what is it?"
Woman: "At work, I can just tell when certain people are coming around the corner or to my cubicle. For some reason, I can tell who the person is just by their smell. You know, I can tell different people by their unique smell. Yeah, for some reason, I can just tell."
Man: "Did you see Blake Griffin block that guy's shot?"
Woman: "No. But anyway, someone around here smells like my friend at work."
I overheard this conversation very clearly in the Staples Center filled with thousands of people because she is sitting in the seat behind me. Section 117, Row 13, Seat 19. I'm on Row 12 just in front of her. Two things. First, I showered and shampoo'd last nite so if it was me, it was probably not too bad an odor - I hope. Second, I've known this about women and their powerful sense of smell. I read that this higher sense of smell (compared to males) has an evolutionary basis where females needed it in order to protect themselves and fetus when pregnant - from things that may cause harm, near or long term. I'm also aware that some male body scents trigger hormone release in certain women that results in sexual arousal.

So given what I have read, I disagree that she has special powers. In fact, I would argue she is in the middle of the distribution curve for women in child-bearing age. Nonetheless, I was very curious if I sat next to a cat in heat.

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