Sunday, February 5, 2012

Home Studio

I still contend that the formal living room in our Rancho house is the most useless area -- until I decided to move in all our music equipment into it last week.  To put this in context, when we lived in our tiny Pasadena house, the living room was the central place where we relaxed, watched TV, read, play music, etc.  When we moved to Rancho, Sam or I used to pound the drum in the downstairs bedroom closest to our neighbor to the south -- who has a little baby born last year.  With JJ's 100 Watt bass amp and my 100 Watt guitar amp, it's only a matter of time before the neighbors complain.  Moving the music equipment into the living room served to minimize the noise exposure to most neighbors as well as find some utility for this room.  The acoustics in the 20 foot ceiling also helps us hear each other better when we're playing, meaning we can also crank up the volume a couple ticks more.  The photo above is the living room as viewed from the balcony -- definitely, the best seat in the house.

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