Friday, February 17, 2012

Poodle Doodles

These drawings originated during these uber-boring meetings at works where my colleagues would just babble on and on about the most trivial of things.  Of course, these meetings last at least an hour -- even though what needs to get accomplished is done in just a few minutes.  So while I listen, I doodle.  These are doodles are using my gel pen on plain while paper.  They are actually very gesture in nature where I fill in each shape with scribbles that end up looking like poodle hair.  Hence, the label, poodle doodles.  My first poodle doodles are on lined notebook paper (I at least pretend to be writing on my engineering notebook) but the ones above are on 11"x14" drawing paper.  These are fairly easy to make, each one taking on the order of about 30 minutes.

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