Monday, February 13, 2012

What's Another Photograph, Right?

I'm guessing at least a billion photographs had been taken from this spot where I stood in Yosemite Valley this morning.  We headed up for JJ's birthday to get some snow play but there wasn't any snow in the valley until we were about to head back home.  An overnight dusting left about an inch or two which was enough to complement the sledding we did up Badger Pass, which is a higher elevation.  El Capitan to the left and Half Dome to the right in this image is probably the most photographed rock formation in this little planet of our.  As the sun came up, the light snow off El Capitan's 7500 foot peak started boiling off and looked like steam coming out of every crack in this gigantic piece of granite.  This year is also the first time we've actually stayed in the valley, at Yosemite Lodge and although it is convenient, the luxury of Tenaya, just outside the southern entrance to the park is my preferred place to stay.  Sad to go home and return to work but thankful at least for the show that Mother Nature put on for us.

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