Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Guitar Rooms, A Brief History

For over 3 years, I've resisted converting this only spare bedroom (downstairs) into a music room -- until last week.  I order 4 wall hangers for my electrics and have 4 more on the way for the rest of the electrics.  Geographically, this room is also the farthest away from all the other rooms in the house.  In the event that I want to blast the amps to 10 late at night, I won't bother anyone else in the house.  Ok, the neighbor to the south is only 20 feet away but I don't crank it up to 10 anyway.  Speaking of music room, I found this old photo (below) back in the day when we lived in that tiny apartment in Santa Monica.
I don't quite remember the year but that Jasmine guitar is my first nice acoustic guitar -- Maura was "kind" enough to let me buy it as a first wedding anniversary present.  Also, note the cassette tapes against the wall along with a minimum number of compact discs -- and a massive cathode ray tube computer screen.  The two-bedroom apartment was a bedroom and a music/bike room.
In between the current Rancho Cucamonga and the Santa Monica guitar rooms, is the Pasadena guitar room.  First thing to note is the overflowing CDs on some racks I built, along with another dreadnought and nylon string acoustics.  The nicer Taylor acoustics don't really get to spent too much time outside the case -- only when they're being played.  The Pasadena guitar room was also the art studio, ironing room, the storage room and the library.  This room has the most stuff per cubic space and was just overflowing by late 2008, when we finally moved to Rancho Cucamonga.

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