Sunday, April 15, 2012

What's Inside The Briefcase?

I've only seen it once before on VHS years ago.  I vividly remember renting a copy at Star Video on Washington Blvd in Pasadena, watching it and there were several lasting moments in the movie -- Travolta and Thurman dancing, for one.  The kids had seen a couple other Tarantino flicks (like Reservoir Dogs and Death Proof) but Pulp Fiction is probably a bit over the top for them.  Maybe in couple years, I'll reconsider.  Anyway, tonight was a night I decided I was going to buy a Blue Ray copy of Pulp Fiction and watch it from start to finish.  My (second) first impression is that this movie has a really excellent soundtrack -- from Misirlou to Surf Rider to Son of A Preacher Man.  In fact, as soon as the movie ended, I ordered the soundtrack on CD.  Except, I had completely forgotten that I have all the tracks on mp3; yeah, it's been that long since I really paid attention to this movie.  Also, I don't ever remember that this one has an all-star cast -- literally Kietel, Willis, Walken, etc.  But what I don't remember at all is that the contents of the briefcase was never known to this day.  Of course, that's what makes Tarantino a great artist.

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