Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Value of Video Games

I usually complain about the kids playing too much video games.  Usually.  In 2008, we got Guitar Hero for the XBox 360 and both kids played it endlessly it seemed.  They got exposed to bands like Muse and Rise Against.  Within a year, they both started taking guitar lessons at Pasadena City College.  Fast forward to last week, 2012. After his Friday lessons at Alta Loma Music, JJ's teacher asked him if he's interested in participating in a bass contest impromptu.  He learned a blues shuffle just minutes earlier and after much encouragement from me and from his teacher, he agreed.  Stood there in front of the audience and played bass to a rhythm track for a few minutes.  Would he have taken to playing music if he was not exposed to Guitar Hero?  In two weeks, him and Sam (playing drums) perform together at a student recital.  Something to keep them busy over the summer.

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