Sunday, October 30, 2011

In Time (2011)

I wanted to see "Puss N Boots" and JJ wanted to see "In Time".   I was tired after my ride up Mt Baldy this morning so going to a movie theater with 40 kids under 8 years old wasn't too appealing so I agreed to see the Justin Timberlake retro-futuristic movie.  In "In Time", time is both a commodity and a currency.  The premise is interesting enough where people had a fixed time to live after 25 years, unless of course you can afford to "buy" more time.  The movie was shot in LA, including Boyle Heights and the LA river with downtown LA as a backdrop and yet, they made you think it was somewhere in the east coast.  "In Time" is predictable at best but quite enjoyable.  I particularly enjoy the cars in the movie, mostly early to mid 60s Lincoln Continentals.  Yes, every citizen who can afford a car rode in a black LC.  It would really suck, suck big time if everyone drove a Linkin.  And if they did, I would ditch mine in a heartbeat.  Like most sci-fi movies, I basically have to abandon all logic and intuition.  My son, Sam actually had the most interesting observation.  How come no one can hack into this central computer where time is controlled?   I will probably end up getting "In Time" in DVD just because it's one of those movies I can watch over and over like those other bad sci-fi movies I like (Time Cop, Total Recall, Gattaca).

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