Friday, October 21, 2011

Sexual Harassment

It's a tangled mess that is the biggest pain in the ass to navigate through.  Sexual harassment in the workplace that is.  So companies in California require their managers via state law to meet mandatory sexual harassment training.  It's the biggest waste of my time -- even though I got paid for the training because most of it is unnecessary if people just follow simple rules of conduct like respect and understanding that no means no.  I spent 3 hours today going through several modules of this online training learning about Title VII, protected groups, compliance, blah blah blah. What's worse is I was told you can take the test and if you pass, you are still required to sit through a minimum of 2 hours listening to the course.  And that is where these people lost me.  Corporate lawyers and HR specialists are just basically covering their rear ends in the event that a lawsuit is brought by the feds against the company.  All it is -- is to reduce any potential punitive damages in any litigation.  And that's where it changes from the goal of making sure everyone's aware to making sure the company does not lose too much money in any lawsuit.

(Good thing I had my sketchbook as the training is mostly audio so I was able to doodle away while getting my course credits.)

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