Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Now That's What That Airstream Trailer Is For!

When the kids and I visited LACMA in August to see Tim Burton, I saw this Airstream trailer inside the Resnick Pavilion for an upcoming show.  When I saw Tim Burton in June, this gallery was filled with David Smith's sculpture and was surprised to see it empty because I really wanted to see his works again.  Instead, I was greeted by this empty main area of the newest of the LACMA buildings.  I did find this weekend, from some San Bernardino newspaper of all places, about the California design exhibit at LACMA that started on October 1st and right there on the front page of the section was this same Airstream trailer I saw two months ago.  I will return to LACMA soon as I committed to seeing as much of Pacific Standard Time as possible and the Resnick Pavilion is definitely on my list.

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