Saturday, October 22, 2011

The House That Sam Built (Pacific Standard Time #4)

It was the only logical thing to do.  We met my brother's family in Arcadia for dimsum this morning and the Huntington Library was only a few miles away in San Marino.  They had an exhibit of some of the phenomenal works of art by probably Rancho Cucamonga's most famous artist, Sam Maloof.  Sam understands what clean design lines are all about.  I actually learned about him when I saw a local paper mention his death in 2009 at the age of 93!  (I've always argued that art makes you live a longer, fulfilling life.)  The Boone Gallery inside the Huntington is small but was filled with masterpieces by the master craftsman, along with several paintings of local artists like abstract painter Karl Benjamin.  The coolest part of this Pacific Standard Time exhibit is I got to sit on an actual Maloof chair and after talking to the docent, I realized that I had sat on probably the most expensive piece of furniture (about $25,000) I will ever set my butt on.  The maple chair was as ergonomic a wooden chair I've ever sat on.  Which brings me to my point that design is not all about the visual but also about fit and function.  A great artist like Sam understood that.

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