Saturday, October 8, 2011

MOCA Geffen Contemporary (Pacific Standard Time #2)

We had lunch with my brother's family and my parents at President Thai in Pasadena to celebrate my birthday.  So it's a no-brainer to take the extra 20 minute drive to Little Tokyo to go the MOCA Geffen Contemporary to see my 2nd Pacific Standard Time exhibit this week.  Not sure how the kids will take some modern California art (through 1981) but I was surprised how engaged they were viewing some of the more obscure pieces.  (My bribe was to take them through the shops in Little Tokyo to browse afterwards.)  I actually had a chance to go to the opening night of "Under The Big Black Sun" last Friday but ended up having a party at home instead to toast the completion of our project at home.  Anyway, the last time I took the kids to a museum was in August to see Tim Burton and that did not disappoint them at all.  My hope is through osmosis, my kids will get to appreciate this kind of art a little more each year as they grow older.  The pieces at the Geffen did not disappoint.  Several pieces by my favorite Los Angeles artist, Ed Ruscha were shown along with some Raymond Pettibon punk rock and poster art from the Black Flag years.  In fact, I was surprised to see several Black Flag vinyl LPs at the museum store.  I only had an hour to walk through all the galleries as my kids were starting to get restless looking at "these weird" art.  So, needless to say, I will return to the Geffen (without kids) to really take the time to visually absorb each piece.  Another beautiful day in the City of Angels.

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