Thursday, December 8, 2011

50 Things I Like About Cyclng

1. The feel of the wind blowing in my face.
2. Going fast downhill.
3. I can eat anything I want after riding.
4. The feel of endorphins after a good ride.
5. Most of my good friends are from the cycling community.
6. Memories of Greg Lemond beat Laurent Fignon in the 1989 Tour de France by 8 seconds.
7. My Trek carbon fiber bike.
8. Riding the empty roads on a Sunday morning when most people are still in bed.
9. Glendora Mountain Road
10. Buying bike tools.
11. I forget the stresses of work as soon as I get on the bike.
12. Watching my son get excited about riding his road bike.
13. Looking at the carved legs of women who race bikes.
14. Riding behind female cyclists.
15. Flying down city streets at 30 mph on a group ride
16. Going faster than cars during rush hour traffic
17. Memories of Andy Hampsten winning the 1989 Giro D'Italia in the snow
18. Looking for vintage bikes on Craigslist
19. Watching my bike odometer log several hundred miles during the year
20. The Montrose Ride
21. Following the Tour de France every morning in July.
22. Shaving my legs and wearing shorts to show off my calves.
23. The classic lines on an Eddy Merckx steel frame
24. 'lAlpe d'Huez
25. Screaming down Pacific Coast Highway on a weekend passing dozens of cars
26. Shimano Index Shifting (SIS)
27. Reaching the top of a long, steady climb
28. Bike-friendly cities like Boulder, Colorado
29. Commuting on my bike via the bike path at the beach
30. Riding down Manhattan Beach in the summer
31. The faces of riders after the Paris-Roubiax race
32. The humor of Bob Roll
33. Phil Liggett's play-by-play of European bike races
34. Titanium components
35. The smell of barbeques during summer rides.
36. The smell of fireplaces during winter rides.
37. Campagnolo
38. Knee warmers and arm warmers that come off easily
39. Clipless pedals
40. Watching a match sprint at the velodrome
41. The bell lap of a criterium
42. The feeling of accomplishment after riding 100 miles
43. Tailwinds
44. Waiting at a traffic light side-by-side with cars
45. Watching a professional team ride the team time trial
46. The Rose Bowl ride on Tuesday and Thursday nights
47. Sitting on a good wheel at 30 mph
48. Topping 50 mph going down Mt Baldy
49. The Tour of California
50. Getting a Coke Slurpee at 7-Eleven after a long ride

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