Monday, December 26, 2011

Relic Of An Analog World (Part 2)

This is literally, the first public pay phone I've seen all year.  Back in the day, I used to memorize where all the pay phones were along my rides so I have this mental map of where they were all along the Foothill communities of Altadena/Pasadena to Duarte/Monrovia.  I always had quarters in my seat pack just in case I need to call for emergency services or contact someone.  This phone is by the restroom just outside the Ahmanson Building at LACMA.  What's even more dated is that phone directory hanging just below the phone itself.  I can't imagine these units being that much profitable to be maintained by the phone company. In fact, of all places, it's strange to see one inside the LACMA campus.  I would think most museum visitors have enough disposable income to afford a cell phone.  Either way, I'm not sure my kids even know how to use one.

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