Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ride Or Die

Time to take out the knee warmers, arm warmers and full-fingered gloves.  I froze going down Day Creek Blvd on Thursday morning -- and that was even before the winds from the north picked up.  It's been in the mid-40s in the mornings here and I've just been too lazy to ride on Saturday mornings.  Been opting for afternoon rides, when the sun is up (but unfortunately, more vehicles on the road as well).  With the cold, rain, wind and short days, it's either ride the rollers indoors or brave the elements.  Having been off the bike for at least a decade, I know I will need some booties and ear bands and maybe, even a rain jacket.  When I got back to riding in April, I promised not to get too driven about this but I should have known myselft better.  It was tattooed on the calves of this hardcore racer I knew from Pasadena -- it simply said "Ride or die."

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