Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Sunday Ride

The climb from Campus Ave in Upland to the top of Shinn Road in Claremont is only 4.7 miles.  I was first introduced to this climb riding with a dozen guys from the Cycling Connection bike club in Rancho Cucamonga a couple months ago and since then, it has become part of my regular Sunday loop to Claremont and back home to Rancho.  I remember my first time -- this older guy Les, who I'm guessing is in his mid-60s just kicked my ass.  I blew up at the climb hit Euclid Ave in the San Antonio Heights area.  I did not know what to expect and of course, just was in too big a gear for what did not seem like a steep grade.  Today is my 5th time up Shinn Road and I finally found the right gearing combinations at the different legs of this climb.  The key is to not blow up at Euclid Ave and pound the big ring past Mountain Ave to get enough momentum for the rest of the way to Shinn Road.  Thinking back when I used to go up Angeles Crest or GMR, it did take at least 5 tries before I got the optimum gearing selection.  Given my time constraints, a 35-mile Sunday ride is probably all I can handle if I am to be semi-useful for the rest of the day.  Gone were the 65-mile Sunday rides I used to do with Maura in the 90s.  The last 10 miles of the loop is also low risk in terms of just finishing the ride on the Pacific Electric Bike Trail which I pick up at Claremont Village and take all the way to Etiwanda Ave.  Today, I finally felt like I'm beginning to appreciate more what the area has to offer.

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