Friday, December 16, 2011

I'm Off This F***ing Bandwagon

For two whole NBA seasons, I had a pair of season tickets to that other Los Angeles team, the Clippers to see the great Oklahoma star Blake Griffin.  A buddy at work convinced me to split the 41 home games and I was not one bit disappointed with the seats we got just above the home tunnel to the locker room.  It was a great way to go out on the town and I took family and friends to the Staples Center to see an NBA game and the great rising star Blake Griffin.  But this NBA lockout over the summer and the commissioner's gigantic ego and bully tactics pretty much convinced me that I'm not spending a penny on the NBA.  And when Chris Paul was force-fed into the Clippers by the league office, that was the last straw.  Not a stinking penny, Mr. Stern.

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