Tuesday, December 6, 2011

After The Winds

I was out of town when the winds hit.  I knew LAX was shut down temporarily.  I know of people who drove for a couple hours Friday night looking for a restaurant to have dinner -- but most places were still without power.  What's ironic about this windstorm is that Rancho Cucamonga, which normally gets these gusts from the high desert, seemed to have fared better than Pasadena, which is nestled in the foothills of San Gabriel mountains.  In fact, as I rode my bike through Rancho last Friday, there were few downed trees, mainly off Hillside Avenue between Haven and Archibald.  On my Saturday morning ride, going up Day Creek Blvd to the house was tougher than usual due to some residual winds.  I was going 7 mph on this hill where I normally go up at 10 mph.  And then there's Duarte (above) where along a few miles on Route 66, all the street names were blown off their mounting frames.  Sometimes, nature just needs to remind us who's the boss.

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