Saturday, February 5, 2011

29 Palms

This is one of those times when I just have to find out. I bought the used DVD at least 3 years ago but just could not get myself to watch it. The description looked interesting enough but just can't commit 93 minutes of my time to watch "29 Palms". It was a low budget flick but it was also full of desert shots- which I'm impartial to. Empty roads, empty towns all make for set of very interesting sequences. Everything and everyone and every scene in the movie revolves around a bag of cash. From Baker to 29 Palms, several characters who all want this bag of cash chase it along various twists. The movie, although full of improbables, got me to watch for all its entirety.  Like certain characters showing up at the exact place and time to make the story move along. Fast. Someday, I might watch it again and maybe I get to appreciate it a bit more.

Bill Pullman deserves special mention for his role as a disturbed shotgun-wielding bus depot employee who partakes in a shootout with an Indian casino boss' crew.  Not sure how hard Pullman has to work to do these roles but he looks so natural in playing oddball characters.

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