Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Mechanic (2011)

There are a few movies that I can remember my dad taking me to as a kid and "The Mechanic" was one of them.  The original 70s version features Charles Bronson as the assassin who liked to worked "cleanly", leaving little trail of his job.  Tonight, I took both kids to see the 2011 remake of "The Mechanic" as the highlight of this rain-soaked Saturday.  Jason Statham is probably my second best choice for the role of highly efficient killer (Daniel Craig being a colder, tougher version) but he did more than adequately kicked ass.  Different targets, different weapons, different geography than the original but Mechanic v2011 stayed pretty close to the theme of the Bronson flick except this time, Statham survived the attempted killing of the teacher by the student.  Probably would not have even bothered if I hadn't seen the original but Battle: Los Angeles won't be out for another 3 weeks.

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