Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thoughts On Drawing

I have always been envious of anyone who can meditate.  Over the years, I've tried several times and ended up a complete failure each time, instead falling asleep -- not the intended goal of an altered state of consciousness.  So it's really disgusting when I read earlier today that director David Lynch (in his book "Catching The Big Fish") has been meditating for over 33 years!  The goal to keep centered is an important daily routine for everyone in this modern world and of all the things I've tried, only one activity has worked for me -- drawing.  Picking up a pencil, pen or ink brush and hacking away at empty piece of paper, notebook, board, canvas.  Within minutes, I am transported to a place that is anywhere but where I physically am.  Hard to describe but I think it's as close to where TM can take anyone.  I've done it at home, at work, in hotel rooms and in the car.  For me, drawing is meditation.

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