Sunday, February 6, 2011

Last Drawing Of 2010

The last one for 2010.  Red and black gel pen ink on 16"x20" paper.
I kept thinking last night how this drawing is all about random choices in life and how that choice affects others. After I made the outline in pencil, I picked out an area to shade in red ink. Going by a simple rule that all other areas adjacent to a specific area must not contain the same color, I pretty much set the fate of what colors every other area can have. It's actually a pretty powerful thought. Not hard to imagine a universe, governed by the simple rules of physics, where a seemingly irrelevant event affects the big picture of how life evolves.
The scary thing about this extrapolation of thought is that all life as I know it already has a set outcome, that "decisions" I make today are not real ones because I am forced into this decision by a prior one. Life would really suck but I suppose, since its outcome is unknown to me, it could still be quite a ride.

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