Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Forecast

All week, I could hear everyone saying.  Snow levels down to 500 feet.  Cold, winter storm headed our way.  Oooh! So by Saturday morning, I was just itching for snow flurries and figuring out how to make do-it-yourself ice-scrapers (old credit card?).  But the weekend came and went and as of Sunday evening, the snow level looked like it's a good 3500 feet -- nowhere near the forecasted level.  In fact, it was downright sunny Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday.  So, why is the public more tolerant of errors in weather forecasting?  I doubt they even come close to a 90% accuracy.  Nonetheless, the weekend weather brought some amazing cloud patterns to the Los Angeles basin as can be seen in the photo above taken on the 210 freeway somewhere in San Dimas.

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