Thursday, February 3, 2011

An Inferiority Complex

I've noticed this lately about American car commercials on the radio and on television.  Some guy on the radio ad talks about an American car he just bought that has this and that latest features and so on.  Ok, the ad would have worked for me, giving me the rationale to go check out this car at the dealership.  Until the guy talking mentions that he's owned BMWs and Mercedes Benzs in the past.  Hold it right there!

By including this part about having owned imports and expensive cars in the past, isn't the ad basically claiming that this American car maker is inferior?  Another TV commercial effectively says a certain American car brand outperformed Lexus and Audi on so and so survey.  Again, isn't it important enough to say you're number one?  Instead, the ad say's we're number 1 and that list includes Lexus and Audi.  Again, there seems to be this search for legitimacy as an American car manufacturer.  I guess the Japanese and Germans had been kicking your butt so long, you don't even know how to act when you finally get better.

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