Friday, February 18, 2011

The Stingray Project Update 2/18/11

This sat in the Pasadena garage for years. And I was determined to be driving it to work by March 2011. I've replaced the clutch, all 4 caliper brakes, new master cylinder but with my job and being a full-time single parent, I finally gave up and had it towed to McJack's Corvette in Santa Ana on 12/30/10. Almost an admission of defeat, I will pay him to restore it for me. (I bought this old car thinking it will be the product of my sweat and labor...well, shit happens.)  Today, I visited the car at McJack's and heard for the first time the 2 1/2 inch exhaust pipes emptying into these new mufflers.  Low and throaty, I am encouraged with the progress - after all, it took almost a month stripping off the old paint with a flat sander.  Hoping to get a call in two weeks after a coat of primer had been applied.  In the mean time, color choices are just going back and forth in my head.  Red, deep red, white, pearl white...I have time to decide.

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