Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just Like Riding A Bicycle

Summer 2009 was the last time I rode the bike in any capacity so putting on my helmet (albeit the skateboarding kind) and my bright cycling jersey was with a bit of hesitation.  It was raining off and on all weekend and the temps were downright cold (51F is cold for anyone who grew up in the tropics).  My road racing bike was replaced by my 3-speed Bianchi cafe racer and my Look pedals with New Balance tennis shoes.  The 7.5 mile loop took me to the top of Day Creek Blvd and down to the corner of Etiwanda and Victoria Street before going west on Victoria Park Lane to hit Rochester Ave back up to Banyan and home. Without the efficiency of clipless pedals, I suffered through the ride in a decent 30 minutes, spinning my way mostly.  Gone was the anaerobic recovery, the power up the hills was not there and the top speed in the flats, well, is not so fast.  However, my spin was still somewhat ok and am encouraged that if I had extra time, I could probably do this loop twice next week.  For old, ex-bike racers like me, my spin is probably the only skill that won't go away (thankfully).  Just like riding a bike, right?

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